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Yes, permits are generally required for commercial filming in Namibia. Depending on your project’s specifics, you may need permits for location access, drone use, and more. Moon Valley Films can assist in obtaining the necessary permits.

Filming in Namibia’s national parks and protected areas requires permits from the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism (MEFT). Moon Valley Films has experience in securing these permits and can facilitate the process for your production.

To operate a drone for filming in Namibia, you’ll need a permit from the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). The process involves submitting an application, flight plan, and other documentation. Moon Valley Films can guide you through this process.

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive location scouting services, utilizing our fleet of vehicles, boats, and aircraft to access the most remote and picturesque locations in Namibia. Let us help you find the perfect backdrop for your project.

Yes, if you plan to capture aerial shots using drones or aircraft, you’ll need permits from the NCAA. Moon Valley Films can help you navigate the regulations and secure the required permits for your aerial filming needs.

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